A Bottom Of The Barrel Steamer: My Revlon Facial Sauna Review

When my Conair Facial Sauna broke, I wanted to get back to my regularly scheduled daily steam treatments as quickly and as cost-efficiently as possible, so I took a look at amazon to see what was available. I saw that Revlon had a similar unit on the market, and it was a little bit cheaper. I knew Revlon’s reputation, so I figured it wouldn’t be a bad bet, but as it turns out I should have browsed some of the Revlon Facial Sauna reviews before I took the plunge.

The Good

  • It makes steam
  • It’s pretty cheap

The Bad

  • It doesn’t make much steam
  • Cheap parts mean it probably won’t last
  • It’s uncomfortable to use
  • It really stinks (literally!)

Click HERE to read other user reviews or get one for yourself at Amazon for around $20!

Revlon's Facial Steamer

So What’s Right With This Facial Steamer?

Honestly, the main good things you can say about this particular facial steamer is that it’s cheap, and that it does, in fact, produce an amount of steam. However, that’s about where you have draw the line in regards to what’s good about it.

If you’re looking to begin doing daily steam treatments for your skin or for your sinuses, this is better than nothing, and is a little more convenient that settings up your own contraption with a pot of boiling water and a towel (though it’s probably less effective). It provides enough steam that it’s better than worthless, and it will do some good when it comes to relieving your clogged sinuses or helping cleanse your skin of oils, makeup, and other buildup.

However, I can’t in good conscious recommend this product for most people. Why? Let me explain…

Here’s What’s Wrong About The Revlon Face Steamer

You know how people say “You get what you pay for”? Well, that’s incredibly valid for this product. I’ve gotten some deals in my life, things that after I used them thought, “Wow, I can’t believe I only paid $XX for this!” The Revlon RVSP3503B1 Hot Facial Sauna is NOT one of those products.

Straight out of the box, this thing looks and feels cheap. As far as I can tell, they saved money everywhere using the lowest quality materials they can find. It comes with a full face cone and a nasal cone for directing the steam to your face, but the plastic is hard and uncomfortable, and you have to hover over the device in an uncomfortable way to get a decent amount of steam (tip: use a towel over your head to direct the steam your way).

Another problem is the steam, or lack thereof. Yes, it makes steam, but compared to other products I’ve reviewed, including the cheapo Conair unit, it’s pretty pitiful. And we’re talking about a device specifically designed for making steam, so it’s a big deal!

And finally, the strong plastic smell is a real deal killer for me. It might be different for people who are mainly using this for their skin, and not for their sinuses, but I just couldn’t stand breathing in the plastic stink for even a few minutes at a time. I took the Revlon Sauna out of my closet to do a test run for this review, and it seems like the smell has decreased over the months it sat around, but it’s still overpowering.

So What Do I Recommend?

If you’re just looking for a very occasional facial steaming, whether it’s for your skin or nasal passages or both, I recommend either doing your own facial steam with a pot of hot water and a towel, or going with the Conair Facial Steamer, which is in the same price range. If you plan on doing regular steaming, whether it’s weekly or daily, like myself, I very highly recommend treating yourself with something higher end, like Panasonic’s Ion Steam or the Secura’s Hot/Cold Mist .

Of course, I’m just one woman on the internet, so you don’t have to take my word for it! Head on over to Amazon to read other reviews and see what other users prefer!


  • C.B. Villeneuve says:

    I did use that sauna only once, to try and clear my sinuses. The steam was way too hot, and at one point the smell was most objectionable. I then realized that all the water had boiled off and what I was smelling seemed to be hot metal, as it did not shut off. It was a week ago, and I still can taste that chemical/metal in my mouth and lungs. My cold is turned into a bronchitis, and I afraid I damaged my lungs permanently. The idea freaks me out!

    • vanessa says:

      Yuck! And I thought it was bad enough *with* water in it! So sorry this happened to you, but thanks for sharing! It seems like they should really use higher quality, heat-resistant material, especially considering people are going to be breathing the steam from this straight into their lungs!

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