Best On The Market: My Panasonic Ionic Steamer Review


(Update 2/2/14 – Panasonic has discontinued this model and released a new updated and more affordable model! CLICK HERE to read my review of the new Panasonic EH-SA31VP Facial Ionic Steamer!)

I figured it would be best if my first review was the the facial steamer I’m currently using.  I’ve gone through a bunch of them looking for the ideal unit, and my experience has ultimately led me to the Panasonic Ion Steamer (EH2426N, if you want to get really technical and specific).  It’s not the cheapest face steamer you’ll find out there, but it’s got some features that I think really make it the Cadillac of these kind of devices.  Until somebody releases a better product, this is going to be the gold standard that other products will try to live up to.

I have not found a single product more effective at making my skin look younger and feel smoother and fresher!

What’s So Special About The Ionic Steamer, Anyway?

Like other facial steamers, the Panasonic Ionic Steamer works by releasing a good amount of steam for you to put your face in.  What makes it stand out above the competition, though, is the Ionic part of the equation.

Normal drops of steam are too large to fully penetrate the pores, and largely end up drying on the outside of the skin, so you miss out on the full benefits.

The Ionic Steam released by the Panasonic unit consists of particles 4, 000 times smaller than regular steam particles.  Whereas normal steam largely ends up drying on the outside of the skin where it lands, the ionic steam penetrates deeper and much more easily, meaning your skin gets a much greater benefit.

The Nano-particles of steam generated by the Ionic Steamer penetrate the skin to renew and replenish it with maximum efficiency, leaving your skin looking and feeling great.

So What Does This Mean For Me?

I have been using facial steamers almost daily for several years because they help open the pores and cleanse the skin, as well as hydrate it and refresh it.  I’ve been an advocate of these for a while, and wasn’t sure the Ionic-particle thing wasn’t just a gimmick.

Of course, as with many things, trying is believing.

When I first tried it, it felt basically like any other face steamer.  I stuck my face in it, breathed in the steam (which helps my sinuses immensely during allergy season), and let my skin absorb the moisture.  The steam helps improve circulation and helps relax the muscles, which makes me look and feel rejuvenated and less tense.

Steam makes your skin softer and smoother.  It opens up the pores and helps cleanse your skin.  This is a fact, whether you use a higher-end face steamer like this one, opt for a cheaper one, or just take a lot of nice, hot showers.  However, after a couple weeks of using the Ionic Steamer, I started noticing a real difference in the look and feel of my skin, above and beyond regular steamers.  And it wasn’t a fluke; I wasn’t alone…

In a clinical study, participants noticed a reduction in lines in just 14 days, and VISIBLE ANTI-AGING EFFECTS IN JUST 4 WEEKS!

As we age, our skin starts to lose its natural elasticity, and steam is a surprisingly powerful natural ally in our fight against this process.  Panasonic adds a bit of science to the mix, and while keeping it all natural, they have actually improved on this simple anti-aging process.

Well, Okay, How Does It Work? Is It Difficult?

The simplest thing to do is just fill the water cup, press the button, wait a minute for it to heat and then just stick your face in the steam.  That’s really it.  The “full” version of the treatment isn’t much more complicated, either.

It’s an 11 minute process of just three steps: cleanse for 3 minutes, wipe or rinse, and then steam for another 8 minutes.

Even though Panasonic keeps this at the cutting edge of technology, it still is, in essence, steam.  It can’t get much simpler, folks!  AND IT ABSOLUTELY WORKS WONDERS!

Does It Do Anything Else?

Besides the CLINICALLY PROVEN benefits in terms of visually improving wrinkles, skin texture, luster and moisture within weeks, the Panasonic Facial Ion Steamer helps to moisturize and deep cleanse, removing makeup, dirt, and oils without damaging the skin.  It requires no alcohol, soap, oil or fragrances.

It’s also good to remember that when you’re opening and unclogging your pores, you’re doing exactly what your skin needs to help deal with acne, which is essentially clogged up pores.

I’ve also found that it’s really useful for my hair, since it tends to be dry and brittle much of the time.  The nano-particles seem able to penetrate it and hydrate it pretty well.

Okay, So How Much Is This Thing?

As I’ve said, the Panasonic EH2425N Facial Ionic Steamer is comparatively expensive when you’re looking at other facial steamers, however it’s absolutely worth it for what you get.  It comes in at the just-under $300 range.

If the price seems high, consider what you might spend, over the years, on cosmetic products, dermatologist visits and prescription drugs for your skin.  Once you buy this thing, that’s it; there are no refills or anything you need to buy.  (Though I recommend using distilled water in any facial steamer, it’s absolutely not a requirement.)

If you’re looking for the absolute best in steam therapy for your face, I simply cannot recommend this product enough.  It’s the top of the line, and the best you can find right now.  It comes with a 2-year limited warranty, so you don’t have to worry about it crapping out on you, like some cheaper facial steamers have on me.  The best price I have found for it is over at


  • Dana Caffrey says:

    This is perfect for me! I’m glad that this steamer is compact and I believe it’s lightweight. Is this available to any beauty shops or department store?

    • vanessa says:

      I’ve only seen lower quality face steamers in the store, never an ion steamer like this. I’ve checked other places online and amazon has the best price on the Panasonic unit.

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