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therabath paraffin bath

When I was a kid, I used to love sticking my fingers into hot candles and building up wax coverings for my fingertips. I was pretty thrilled as a grown up to find out you can get an adult version of that in a spa or salon, and they actually do your whole hands and feet, AND it’s supposedly good for your skin! 😀 My sister recently got a Therabath Professional Paraffin Bath, so I’ve been doing paraffin wax treatments on my dry winter hands lately. In this review, I’ll tell you how it’s working out!

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How The Therabath Professional Paraffin Bath Works

My sister and I previously used to go get an occasional paraffin hand treatment at the salon for $30 bucks a pop, and this is apparently the same machine they use, hence the term ‘professional’ in the product title. Despite its commercial quality, it’s actually a very simple machine. You put the wax in, plug it in, and in about 6 or 7 hours, the wax is fully melted and ready to play with.

therabath professional paraffin bath

The Therabath paraffin bath is designed to stay on all the time, and you’ll see the power light go on and off as it regulates its temperature. I was a bit wary about a having a vat of hot, melted wax all the time, but it apparently doesn’t use much electricity, and doesn’t get hot enough to start a fire or anything. Obviously, you should probably keep it in a room not frequented by kids or pets, but it makes sense, especially considering how long it takes to melt the wax.

Doing Paraffin Hand Treatments With The Therabath

Once the wax is melted, actually using it is pretty darn easy, too! Just dip your hand in it and pull it out. The layer of wax will quickly start to harden, and then you repeat the process a few times to build up a nice wax glove on your hand. Then you wait about 15-30 minutes for the paraffin wax to do its magic.

Therabath sells plastic liners to put over your hands so you don’t make a mess while you’ve got the wax on your hands, as well as insulated velour mitts to put over those to keep the wax hot longer. I’d wager that after you run out of plastic liners you could probably just use plastic bags for a cheaper alternative.

What Paraffin Hand Wax Feels Like

If you’ve never dipped your fingers into melted candle wax, you missed out as a kid! LOL! 😛 One of the good things about the Therabath is that since there’s no fire like in a candle, it doesn’t get as painfully hot. It’s actually not even as hot as your morning coffee, so it’s very comfortable. The sensation of wax hardening into a semi-solid glove on your hands or feet is something that’s hard to explain, but it’s definitely unique, interesting, and pleasant.paraffin wax for feet

Therabath offers their wax in a variety of different scents. We used Cucumber Melon, which is a nice, mellow scent that reminds me of freshness and coolness, despite the heat of the wax. I think this aromatherapy element certainly adds to the relaxing, spa-style feel of the home paraffin wax treatment.

Ok, But How Well Does It Actually Work?

Paraffin wax actually has natural moisturizers in it, which your skin absorbs as the heat opens the pores in your skin. It also leaves a very thin layer of wax residue which helps your skin retain moisture, which is something I’ve been in dire need of this brutal winter.

Overall, my skin is better this winter, and I give a lot of credit to regular facial steaming and infrared sauna treatments. That said, my hands are definitely suffering more than the rest of my body. It’s in large part due to the weather and the subsequent heating (and drying out!) of indoor places, but I’m also a compulsive hand washer, which takes important oils away from my skin. I’ve been moisturizing several times a day and my skin still gets dry and cracked.

I find that doing a paraffin hand treatment with the Therabath Professional Paraffin Bath makes a clear and nearly immediate difference. It’s very soothing on my dry skin, and my hands feel new when I peel the wax off afterwards. It’s like a butterfly coming out of a cocoon, that’s how big the difference is 🙂 And the newfound moistness and smoothness lasts a lot longer than typical moisturizers.

therabath facial wax

Other Benefits Of These Paraffin Wax Treatments

I’ve been using the Therabath a couple times a week, and it’s deep enough that I can fit my whole hand in past my wrist. I’ve noticed that it seems to help my hand and wrist pain that I get from doing computer work all day. Therabath says their units are good for thermotherapy, which is using heat to help ease pain.

Heat applied directly to your skin relaxes your muscles and increases blood flow, which in turn helps provide relief and even ease damage to muscles and joints in the treated area. This is why this kind of treatment can be useful for a wide variety of ailments, from pulled muscles and sprains to more complicated issues like fibromyalgia.elbow in therabath paraffin bath

You can also use paraffin wax for feet, elbows, or probably any part you can comfortably fit into the paraffin bath. The Therabath is also good for doing paraffin wax facials, but I’ll save that for another article.

Overall, I’d say the Therabath Professional Paraffin Bath is exactly what I was looking for as a solution to my winter skin issues I get on my hands. It naturally moisturizes and renews, as well as having some pain relieving properties as well. I’ll certainly be purchasing my own paraffin wax machine soon, so stay tuned for more on paraffin wax treatment in general!

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