Heating Up At Home: My Portable Far Infrared Sauna Review

FIR Portable Spa Sauna

Knowing how much I love the spa experience whenever I can get it, my husband set out to buy me a portable steam sauna for Christmas. While he was doing research, though, he found that something called a portable Far Infrared sauna, made by a company called Fit For Good. It was seemingly a lot more popular with people looking for a home sauna experience. After reading a bunch of positive reviews on Amazon, he bought me one. Though it’s not a steam device like the focus of most of this website, I thought it was close enough that my readers here would be interested in my Far Infrared sauna review.

If you want to see or purchase the unit I’ll be talking about and read other user reviews, click here to check it out at Amazon, where you’ll also get the lowest price!

What Are Some Far Infrared Sauna Benefits?

With Far Infrared, or FIR, heat is generated by using a specific wavelength of light that actually penetrates very deeply into the skin so the cells underneath can get the full benefit. This makes it superior to traditional steam or dry saunas that you are probably use to, but still gives the full benefit of making you sweat like a pig πŸ™‚

Far infrared helps stimulate the metabolism and active the cardiovascular system. It’s useful for detoxification, pain relief and tissue regeneration. This isΒ on top of what the heat and sweating will also accomplish in these same areas.

My Own FIR Sauna Experience

The package sat under the Christmas tree for a couple weeks. It was about the size of two pizza boxes put together, and shake it as I might, I simply could not figure out what was inside. When I opened it up on Christmas, I was pretty excited to find out it was a portable sauna, and couldn’t wait to use it.

Now, I’ll say that the one I got wasn’t made of the best materials, but hubby did his research and made sure it wasn’t some fly-by-night deal that was going to crap out on me immediately. As of this writing it has about 85 mostly very positive reviews on Amazon. And my husband told me if I like it, and it doesn’t last forever, he’ll buy me a pricier, fancier modelΒ (Update- read my review of that model here!)

The instructions were written in some pretty hilarious broken English, but it’s such a simple machine that it doesn’t really matter. We spent a few minutes figuring out how to set it up, but it wasn’t a problem. It doesn’t come with a chair, but we already had a little shower stool that fit perfectly.

The portable far infrared sauna has FIR heat panels on the back and sides which heat the unit up in about 5 minutes. The panels get pretty hot, so it’s important to stay away from them. There’s a hole on the top to stick your head through, which is great for me because I never liked breathing the hot, dry air in a non-steam sauna (some reviews recommend putting a towel over the hole and just sitting in there with your whole body inside. This is probably great for some folks, but not for me!) There are also arm holes which I don’t typically use, but you could if you wanted to read or something while you use it. (Use a towel to deal with the zippers, because they get hot!)

The unit goes up to 150 degrees, but I didn’t turn it up all the way. You set a timer that goes in 5 minute increments up to 40. I’ve found that about 30 minutes a day is absolutely great for my skin, it leaves my whole body feeling smooth and soft. I’m also pretty sure that it’s been helping me out with my lower back pain that I get periodically. And I just feel great after using it, which I attribute to its activation of the various body systems.

Portable FIR Sauna - back view

Is This Portable Far Infrared Sauna Worth It?

There’s a spa close to me that offers FIR sauna treatments, but they cost about $120 for 5 sessions. Hubby didn’t want me to know how much he paid for this gadget, but I mean, I HAD to find out how much it costs if I was going to write a review about it, right? Anyway, it’s under $200, which means going by the spa’s FIR sauna treatments it paid for itself within a couple weeks (I’ve been sitting in it about 4-5 times a week).

I think that the health benefits of this alone make it worth every penny, but it also just FEELS SO GOOD!Β Like OMG kind of good πŸ˜‰ If you’re looking for a home sauna for your whole body, the Fit For Good unit is a great, cost-efficient (under 10 cents an hour to operate) and space-saving option. I highly recommend it! If you’re interested, you can grab one at Amazon for under 200 bucks with FREE Super Saver shipping.


  • Bonnie says:

    Hello, I am considering purchasing a portable infrared sauna. which type is this one you are advertising, and where do I go to buy one?
    Thank You, bonnie

    • vanessa says:

      Hi, Bonnie. The one I’m talking about is made by Fit For Good and uses far infrared technology. The best price I’ve found for it is on Amazon, you can find a link to buy it in the article above.

  • AJ says:

    This one doesn’t have an EMF rating right? I asked a question on Amazon about another model similar to this if it gives off EMF and the answer was that it doesn’t have any. Do you know if all portable infrared saunas have no EMF? Thanks!

    • vanessa says:

      When I got this particular sauna, I actually didn’t realize EMF radiation was an issue with infrared heat. I only found out about it because the documentation for my Therasage sauna (review here) makes a big deal out of not having any (actually, in some places they claim it gives off none, in other places they say it gives off a negligible amount). I’ve since gone through the very poorly written manual for the Fit For Good and there doesn’t seem to be any mention of it at all πŸ™

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