Micro-fine Hot And Cool Mist? My Secura Steamer Review

In my last article, I covered the Panasonic Ionic Steamer, which I feel to be probably the best facial steamer on the consumer market today.  It’s not for everyone, though, due to the relatively high price tag for a face steaming gadget.  And if there’s one flaw that I think that product has, it’s a lack of cool mist, which is a great feature to have.  So now I’m going to go over my pick the second best steamer, the one that I think will appeal to even more users: the Secura Hot and Cool Facial Steamer Micro-Fine Mist Steamer (catchy name, huh?).

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 What Makes The Secura Steamer Better?

If you’ve read my article, What Is A Facial Steamer, you know a little about these devices.  Basically, the steam helps open up and unclog your pores, which helps to clean your skin of unwanted oil, dirt and grime, and do so without harmful chemicals or exfoliating scrubs.  In addition, the steam helps moisten your skin, keeping it smooth and young looking.

Most facial sauna steamers just use hot or heated water to release regular steam, which is good, but not as effective as a unit like the Ion Steamer I love so much, which actually releases incredibly fine particles that penetrate the skin better than regular steam.

The Secura Hot And Cool Facial Steamer actually uses an ultrasonic atomizer to release extra fine particles (1-5 um, to be precise), which penetrate in the deep way I’m talking about.  It helps your epidermis cells (that’s your skin) soften and expand, which helps get rid of the keratinized (“gone bad”) cells and helps regenerate collagen.  If you keep up on beauty products, you know collagen treatments are often very expensive because they work!

In addition to the micro-fine mist, the Secura Steamer also gives you the option of cool mist, as well.  Cool mist helps to tighten the skin and shrink your pores, giving you bright, healthy skin. It helps reduce redness and feels so good, especially if you’re having an acne breakout or a sunburn, or other inflammation.

The hot/cool mist treatment is something you won’t find in the bottom of the line steamers, and the first time I actually encountered it was in a salon.  When I found this unit, I had to have it!

Another thing I love about the unit is the steam comes out of a tube, so you don’t have to hunch over and stick your whole face into the device like you do with a lot of them.

There’s also essence oil and herbal therapy capabilities built into this device, though I don’t really use that much. I bought my sister one, and she uses it for this purpose as well, so I’ll try to have her write up a review in the near future.

So, to put it in a convenient list, here’s what separates the Secura Steamer from other facial steamers on the market:

  • Ultra-fine, atomized mist
  • Cool mist treatment in addition to hot steam
  • Convenient steam rod blows mist in your face while you kick back
  • Essence oil and herbal therapy capabilities

And You Recommend This?

I’ll be honest here: my absolute favorite steamer is still the Panasonic unit, but I think for most people looking to get a facial steamer, and not spend a few hundred dollars, this is the way to go.  It’s got a great feature set and a good price tag.

The alternating hot steam and cool mist treatment is seriously spa quality, and has to be felt to be truly believed.  It makes your skin look and feel radiant, and just the process itself is incredibly relaxing.  I like to give myself a facial steam when I’m winding down after work.

As far as your bang to buck ratio, I think this is probably the optimal facial sauna for a lot of people.  It’s miles ahead of the cheapo units you can get at Wal-Mart, without a massive increase in the price tag.  If you’re looking for a good every day use facial steamer, I can recommend the Secura Steamer.

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