My Take On The Conair Facial Sauna Systems

I mentioned in my first article for the site, What Is A Facial Steamer?, that the first one of these units I tried was the Conair Facial Sauna Systems.  Having tried a number of these products, I now realized it wasn’t nearly as amazing as I originally thought it was, though it is an okay entry level facial steamer that has the right feature set and price range for a lot of people.  So, for all of you wondering about this product, here’s my Conair Facial Sauna review.

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My First Facial Sauna

I first bought this unit when my doctor recommend steam therapy for when my allergies get really bad.  I mainly chose this unit because of its popularity on Amazon, and the fact that is comes with an attachment specifically designed to deliver steam to your nasal passages, where I needed it most.

After filling the reservoir with water and waiting a few minutes for it to heat up, the machine delivers a decent amount of steam.  With the nose cone attachment, it really helped clear up my sinuses when my allergies were really bringing me down.

I decided to try the unit for its other, perhaps primary purpose: facial steaming.  I removed the nasal cone and put the face cone on, and stuck my face in it.  It actually made a believer out of me pretty quickly.

Steam is a very natural way to open up your pores and cleanse them, and my using a device like this you get a greater benefit, and more easily, than you would with a shower.  It helps keep the skin soft and smooth and moisturized.

The Conair Facial Sauna System also comes with a vibrating facial tool that has two attachments, one for exfoliating and one for helping work moisturizers into your face.  I’m actually not convinced this little gizmo works any better than a washcloth, but it does feel nice.  (Disclaimer: I actually own a Clarisonic Mia, which is very similar in form and function but better and absolutely effective.)

What I Didn’t Like About This Facial Steamer

I’ll admit: the steam this unit puts out feels good and does make an improvement on the look and feel of your facial skin.  However, knowing what I know now I don’t really recommend it to people who are going to be using it very often (though if you’re just planning on using it now and then, it will probably be fine).

The first thing you should know is that it can be uncomfortable to use.  I had to prop it up on the box it came in, and I still sat rather awkwardly over it while using it.  One trick I learned is that you can drape a towel over your head to help direct the steam a little better onto your face.

Secondly, you should use the included measuring cup when you fill it up, and attach the cone after you fill it up, to avoid having hot water splashing all over the place.  This is kind of a pain, because the water runs out after a few minutes, so if you do a long facial steam treatment, you need to fill it up a couple times.  Also: if it gets too low, it smells like burning.

Also, after using a number of different face steamers I’ve found out that regular steam like this is alright, but most of it just dries on your face, so you don’t get the full benefit.  Other products release micro-particles that are much finer than regular steam particles and can penetrate more deeply (see my recommendations at the end of this article).

Finally, the big, BIG reason I don’t recommend this one that much is because of this user review by a guy whose wife was pretty badly burned, literally, by the product!  It’s probably a fluke, but it’s pretty scary.  And the fact that Conair compensated her less than $30 when she had an $1800 ER bill and two days of lost wages is just unacceptable, really.

If you can look past these flaws, I guess it’s an okay face steamer if you’re only going to be using it from time to time.  Still, I honestly can’t say I’d suggest it to anybody looking for a facial sauna device that they can use every day.  Both the Secura Hot And Cool Facial Steamer and the Panasonic Ionic Steamer are free from the issues stated and are better options for anybody looking for that home spa facial treatment on the regular.  If you’re still interested, has a great price and more information.

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