Six Of My Favorite Far Infrared Sauna Benefits

fit for good portable infrared sauna

Recently my cousin visited me, and happened to see a portable infrared sauna folded up behind the couch. She wanted to know what it was, and when I told her, she wanted to know if it worked, and what some of the benefits were. Well, besides the fact that it lets you have spa-style treatments in your home or anywhere else without taking up much space, there are a number of positive effects. This is a list of some of my favorite far infrared sauna benefits.

1. Relaxation, Rejuvenation, and Refreshment

Most people like to get in a sauna just to relax, and even though this one uses infrared light to heat up instead of the traditional methods, it’s still incredibly relaxing! I love feeling the warm waves of heat penetrating my body, and since it’s infrared I feel it more deeply in my muscles and tissues than with typical saunas.

From a more scientific standpoint, these kind of treatments can improve your stress hormone levels, which gives you an overall better feeling that can last for quite some time after you’re in the sauna. I find that my mood is improved when I use it regularly, and my sleep habits are better too. I typically sleep like a baby on days when I’ve been in the sauna ๐Ÿ™‚

2. Detoxification and Purification

A far infrared sauna will make you sweat like crazy, even more than traditional steam or dry saunas. The deep penetrating heat helps bring toxins that build up in your body out to the surface. By helping push out things like alcohol, nicotine, heavy metals and other poisons, your overall health is improved, which can help you live longer and avoid getting sick.

3. Better, Younger Looking Skin

If you’ve been to the site before, you know that I’m a big fan of using facial steamers on my face, and I’m confident they improve my skin. Even though infrared saunas use light instead of steam, they still deliver some of the same benefits.

First of all, as I mentioned above, they help you sweat out impurities, so you’ll be ridding your skin of excess oil, dirt, cosmetics and dry skin flakes. This can help prevent conditions like acne and blackheads. I haven’t had any breakouts since doing these treatments. Bringing moisture to your skin also helps improve its elasticity, reducing wrinkles, and helps the overall tone and luster of your skin.

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4. It’s Good For Your Heart, Too!

Even though you’ll just be sitting there, reading a book or watching TV, an infrared sauna has some benefits similar to exercise. It gets your heart pumping, increasing circulation and in turn improving your overall blood pressure. Furthermore, that increased blood flow brings blood to your entire body, which aids in healing and protecting the whole body. A better heart means overall better health, so this is definitely a great benefit of far infrared saunas!

5. It Helps You Lose Weight

Again, because it has benefits similar to exercise, a far infrared sauna treatment can actually help you lose weight! Studies have shown that they can burn up to 600 calories per hour!

Six hundred is honestly a really high number, but I’ve seen it a few different places, including the promotional material for the Therasage infrared sauna I use. Personally, I’ve found that it does help me sweat off the few extra pounds I tend to put around the holidays ๐Ÿ™‚

6. Pain Relief

I get some minor aches and pains in my body from sitting at a desk all day working at a computer. My wrists get hurt, and I get a nagging ache in my back. Often, while I’m driving home, all I can think is, “OMG, I can’t wait to hop in my sauna!” Half an hour of letting the heat work its way into my sore muscles seems to do the trick, and I feelย much better!

Studies have shown far infrared saunas have benefits for a wide variety of pain issues, and doctors even recommend them for conditions ranging from sports injuries to fibromyalgia.

What About Far Infrared Sauna Dangers?

Since you’re getting all these benefits in a drug-free, natural way, using light waves similar to what’s generated by the sun, it’s natural to wonder if there’s some kind of catch. Don’t worry, though, it’s safe enough that they even use infrared lights to warm newborns in the hospital.

There aren’t any dangers or health risks unique to far infrared saunas, though the warnings typical to traditional saunas apply here. It’s not a toy, so kids shouldn’t play around with one. Even though they don’t get as hot as other saunas, there’s still the risk of overheating or dehydrating yourself, so you need to use caution and listen to your body- if you’re thirsty, drink, and if it’s too hot, get out or turn the heat down!

Those are the top far infrared sauna benefits that I’m after when I use mine. What are some of your favorites? Feel free to leave a comment below and let us know! If you’d like to read more about these types of treatments, check out my Therasage PS2002 review!

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