The Best Portable Infrared Sauna? My Therasage Ps2002 Review


We’ll get right back to our regular scheduled facial steamer reviews, but I wanted to take a minute to write about the AWESOME Christmas gift my even awesomer husband bought me. A year ago I wrote about the Fit For Good Far Infrared Sauna, which I loved and used countless times last year. It’s still working fine, but I was absolutely thrilled when I unwrapped a present that turned out to be the Therasage Ps2002 Portable Far Infrared Sauna. I’ve been eyeballing this thing online for a while. I’ve grown to love this kind of beauty and health treatment, and this is like the Cadillac of personal saunas. Did it live up to my expectations? Well, let me tell you all about it in my Therasage Ps2002 review 🙂

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Just What The Heck Is This Thing?

It looks a little funny, especially when someone is sitting in it with their head and arms poking out, but the Therasage Ps2002 is actually a pretty cool little personal sauna. It uses Far Infrared technology to gently blast heat deep into your body for a great feeling and very relaxing spa-style sauna treatment in the comfort of your own home. In fact, I typically use it in my living room while watching TV or reading a book (it takes about 2 minutes to set up and put away, conveniently folding up to fit behind my TV).

The Ps2002 has 5 heat settings, and even though they’re not labeled with temperatures, it goes up to around 140 degrees. There’s a built-in timer with an auto-shutoff so you don’t cook yourself. I typically use it for about 30-45 minutes of the 3rd or 4th heat setting, bringing plenty of towels in with me and keeping a glass of cold water at hand.

It comes with a decent little camping chair that fits inside for you to sit on, though I replaced it with another chair I had. Some people recommend pulling your body all the way inside and putting a towel on top to treat your whole body. I don’t typically do this, but it is a nice treat from time to time, like sitting in a Native American sweathouse.

For a machine that heats you up so well, it uses less electricity than even a hair dryer! This a great, especially right now in the winter, when I feel cold and don’t want to have a huge power bill for turning the heat up and taking too much showers. LOL!

Also, the heating panels have tourmaline discs, which I think are a big part of what makes this the best far infrared sauna, and I’ll explain why later in this review.

Some Benefits Of Far Infrared Saunas

You know how you can feel the heat of the sun on your skin even on a cool day? Or how that same heat, on the same cool day, can make your car unbearably hot? This is because the sun releases infrared waves of heat. Rather than direct heat like in a traditional dry or steam sauna, far infrared saunas heat your body with deep-penetrating infrared waves. It’s an incredibly efficient way of transferring heat into your body, and you can really feel it getting into your body, even though no part of the Therasage Ps2002 gets too hot to touch.

The heat put off by one of these makes your body sweat, helping release the bad stuff you’ve been accumulating, making it a great, all-natural way of detoxifying your body.

In fact, on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr. Oz said these “might be the best natural detox product available.”

Your body also responds to the far infrared in other ways that are similar to what you get through exercising. For one, your circulation is improved, which is good for basically your entire body. I feel energized after a 30-minute treatment. It also boosts your metabolism, helping you burn calories even though you’re just sitting there reading a book or watching TV. Therasage claims their product can burn up to 600 calories an hour, and while I can’t vouch for that number precisely, I have lost a few pounds of that extra Christmas weight in the month I’ve been using this!

In addition to being incredibly relaxing like traditional saunas, the tourmaline (which is a semi-precious stone, BTW) in the heating panels not only help distribute heat evenly, but help release negative ions, which help improve mood, reduce stress, and even help you breathe more easily. I can attest to this- doing infrared sauna treatments on the regular seems to greatly improve my mood and general outlook on life. It helps puts me in a happy place 🙂

It’s also great for pain relief. I sit in a desk all day, typing and mousing on a computer, and sometimes I come home with a sore back and aching wrists, and I absolutely CRAVE the feel of the Ps2002’s gentle but powerful heat penetrating into my muscles. It’s kind of like taking a hot shower after work, except the heat goes 2 or 3 inches into your skin instead of just running down the surface.

Oh, and of course I had to mention how great it is for my skin. I’m sure it’s a combination of sweating out the toxins and bringing moisture to my skin, but my skin looks and feels better. It’s softer and smoother and doesn’t get dry and scaly like it used to, even in the winter.


Sounds Good, But Is This One Worth The Money?

Okay, so this all sounds good, but if you’ve looked around, you know that other portable saunas are considerably cheaper. Is the Therasage Ps2002 really worth the extra cash? I’ll post a far infrared sauna comparison soon (my other one happens to be the most popular available right now), but in short, yes, if you have the money I think this one is worth it.

The most immediate thing I noticed out of the box was that it has a higher build quality than my Fit For Good sauna and is clearly made of better materials. Now, I’m not saying the old sauna was bad or falling apart, but the Therasage feels sturdier and looks better. It’s like getting a new Coach purse when you’re used to knock-offs from the flea market.

Another obvious thing was that this one is a little more roomy and comfortable than my old one. I’m not sure this will be an issue for everyone, but my husband is considerably bigger than me and very much prefers the Therasage sauna.

The size thing may not be a seller for everyone, but since many folks are using this not just for luxuriating, but for health, it’s important to note that Therasage is very proud of the fact that their products do not give off EMF radiation.

It says in plain English in the manual that the Ps2002 does not give off harmful EMF waves- can the cheaper portable infrared saunas make the same claim?

The biggest selling point for me, though, and the thing I think makes it really worth the extra cash is the tourmaline discs they use for the heating panels. As I mentioned, tourmaline is a semi-precious stone, but that by itself doesn’t mean anything. What does matter is how they work.

The tourmaline discs heat quickly, efficiently, and very evenly, delivering infrared heat consistently and deeply into every part of your body within the Therasage PS2002.

When I get into this thing, after letting it heat up for 5-10 minutes, I can immediately feel the infrared waves going to work on my body. It’s almost like stepping into some kind of otherworldly hot tub, except it’s dry until I start sweating. My other sauna gives a similar feeling, but doesn’t feel like it penetrates nearly as deeply, and certainly not as evenly. It seems to work much more effectively on my after-work discomfort I get in my body.

And don’t forget those mood-boosting negative ions that I mentioned earlier. Negative ions are typically found mostly outdoors, and are generated by things like waterfalls and rain. I believe this is another reason why a treatment in one of these feels so rejuvenating compared to the cheaper sauna.

Honestly, the worst thing I can say about it is that it’s more expensive than my old portable infrared sauna (click here to see last year’s review of that one), and also has a vague plastic shower curtain smell the first couple times you use it. Overall, though, I think the Therasage PS2002 is a great device for anybody who wants to do these kind of sauna treatments on the regular. It’s worth the money, especially if you consider how much infrared sauna treatments cost at the spa.

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