Top Five Benefits Of Facial Steaming

If you’ve ever taken a look at this site before, you know I’m completely crazy about facial steaming. I mean, it’s what the majority of the site is about, LOL! I love being able to turn people on to this treatment because I feel so lucky to have found it for myself, and I’ll tell you why. Here’s my Top Five Benefits Of Facial Steaming!

panasonic ionic steamer

1. It Makes Me Look Younger

While this actually wasn’t the reason I started doing it, I’m sure now that it has definitely had an anti-aging effect on me. As with most everyone, as I’ve gotten older my skin has lost some of its ability to hold moisture, which leads to decreased elasticity and worse, wrinkles!

Facial steam therapy helps moisturize your skin, improving elasticity and texture, and yeah, reducing wrinkles!

Not just that, it helps cleanse your skin more deeply than possible with just water in non-steamed format, getting rid of the crap you don’t want (namely makeup, dirt, and oil). I feel like my face absolutely glows after a treatment!

Incidentally, I haven’t had an acne outbreak since I started facial steaming, either 😉

2. It Helps Me Breathe Better

Now this is the reason I actually tried facial steaming in the first place. You know how breathing the steam in a hot shower can really help clear out your sinuses? Well, this is like that except you get the steam directly, so you get more of it and without having to get in the shower to do it!

3. It’s SO Relaxing

I love a hot shower after work, and a facial steam has the same relaxing effect. It’s like a mini trip to the spa for some kind of expensive luxury treatment, except you can get it done in a few minutes whenever you want and costs almost nothing per session.

When the steam hits my face, I feel a wave of relaxation go through my muscles as the heat improves the circulation. It’s such a rejuvenating feeling, I can feel the tension melt off 🙂

Secura Hot/Cold Steamer

4. It’s Just One Hundred Percent, All Natural Water

Instead of wiping down your face with alcohol, oils, acids and assorted chemicals with names you can’t pronounce, you’re just using regular old water! Nothing extra to damage your skin!

I always feel like if you use a lot of “beauty” products, you’re trading a tiny bit of beauty now for a little ugly later. While they might make you look pretty today, who knows what years of using alcohol and chemicals on your face will do to it later. Better to be safe than sorry, IMHO!

5. Each Session Costs Almost Nothing

Once you have a decent facial steamer, the only thing you pay for is the regular water you put in it and the tiny amount of electricity it takes to run. Basically, it costs about as much as washing your hands, which is, you know, nothing. Compare that to a day at the spa! Talk about easy on the wallet!

So there you go, folks! My Top Five Benefits of Facial Steaming! If you have any other reasons why you love a nice facial sauna treatment, please leave a comment below! If you want to know more about it or find the best tool for the job, check out my review of my favorite face steamer!

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