What Is A Facial Steamer?

A facial steamer, in the simplest of terms, is a device designed for efficient delivery of steam to your face.  It’s really pretty simple.

I guess the question, then, is why do you need to steam your face?  There are actually a number of good reasons…

  • To open your pores for deep cleansing
  • To moisturize and soften your skin
  • To refresh and renew your skin
  • To soothe and relax the skin and muscles of your face
  • To pamper yourself
  • To open clogged nasal and sinus passages
  • To help remove makeup
  • To reduce acne by unclogging pores
  • To give yourself a mini facial at home

My Story: Why I Began Using A Face Steamer

While most people primarily use a facial sauna device exclusively for their skin, I first tried steam therapy at the advice of my doctor to help open up my clogged sinuses during allergy season.  A combination of allergies and dryness were really making my life miserable, and even prescription drugs weren’t fully helpful for me.

The first of these types of gadgets I tried was the fairly cheap Conair Facial Sauna System, which you can see in the above photo.  It helped a lot with my sinuses, and was soooo much more convenient than having to take a hot shower several times a day.

Just taking a look at the packaging and the instruction manual, I found out that it was also supposed to help my skin.  I figured if it worked, it would be a great side benefit.  And what do you know?  After a couple weeks, my skin actually started feeling softer!  I kept feeling my cheeks, thinking, wow, this is amazing!  MY SKIN WAS BABY SOFT AND SMOOTH!

And then, unfortunately, it broke.  The unit lasted barely over a month.

And so began my search for the ideal facial steamer.

Are Facial Steamers All They’re Made Out To Be?

Believe me, I’m as skeptical as the next person when it comes to the claims put out by companies trying to sell their products.  I think we’ve all grown up listening to all kinds of bogus marketing for all kinds of “miracle” products that are supposed to make you look and feel better.  That’s why I was so surprised that something as simple as a face steamer gizmo could be so effective and actually live up to the hype!

Think about it: how does your skin feel after a good shower?  The steam causes your pores to open up, which helps you get rid of the impurities trapped within.  It also moisturizes, cleanses, and just feels good.

And with the right face steamer, you will even see a reduction in line and wrinkles!

After allergy season was over I kept wanting to use a facial steamer, and since the Conair one broke, I went through a number of them trying to find the ideal one for me.  I now use a Panasonic Facial Ionic Steamer with Nano Steam, which is, admittedly, more expensive than some of the others, but after trying a bunch of them out I know it is worth it.  I use it every day, AND MY SKIN LOOKS AND FEELS YEARS YOUNGER!

As I develop this site, I’ll put up different facial steamer reviews of the ones I have tried, including comparisons of different products, as well as my own tips for getting the most out of them (for example, use bottled, distilled water instead of tap water).  Stick with me, and I’ll show you how you can get better looking and feeling skin in no time, and without harmful drugs or chemicals!

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